How Will It Work?

Using a “creative commons website” Liberty will develop a system that allows public libraries to access eBook materials.  Liberty will use freely available materials such as public domain materials, so the user-created and publisher-granted materials will be integrated into a centralized server that any library can access through their catalog.

eBooks will mimic the attributes of a physical book.  An eBook can be checked out by only one patron at a time.  When it is checked out it is not available for download to another patron.  If multiple copies of the same eBook are available then it will allow the library to have simultaneous checkouts up to the number of copies purchased.

Liberty will use a combination of architectures used by other eBook projects including closed source DRM software Adobe Content Service (ACS), Koha Integrated Library System (ILS) Open Source Software (to manage the patron experience).  Liberty will adapt some of the software that has been utilized by other eBook projects.

Crawford County Federated Library Systems (CCFLS) will host the “eBook content management system” and other libraries will utilize the service through Internet access.

Servers to manage the project will be built as virtual machines on Citrix Xenserver in order to provide maximum flexibility as the project grows and include:

  • ACS server – managing eBook checkouts (ACS server)
  • a file transfer protocol (FTP) server–used to distribute materials in the public domain
  • a book cover server
  • a server for the user interface and indexing
  • and redundant servers in case of equipment failure

Libraries will be able to share the cost of eBook content which will allow them to provide a wider variety of content to their patrons.

Patrons will access their local library’s through their library’s Integrated Library System (ILS) the patron will be able to search for electronic materials, select items that are currently available, and download the materials, select items that are currently available, and download the materials with one link technology to their designated reading device.  The materials will stay on the patron’s device for two weeks and then will automatically check itself back in so the eBook can be lent again.  The patron will receive notice that the materials have been returned along with a link to the eBook owner, giving the patron the option of purchasing the materials themselves.